Wednesday, October 2, 2013

When Blogging About Dating Blows Up in Your Face

I was driving my 9 yr daughter to school because she was OCD about fixing her hair and missed the bus. I had the radio on and they were doing something on air that rarely happens. They were discussing a blog. As a blogger I know how exciting it is to make the news, so I tuned in to the radio show.

The discussion was right up my alley. I know I haven't written about dating and relationships lately but I have in the past and it's gotten me into trouble. My boyfriends and especially ex-boyfriends aren't very happy to learn that I am blogging about them. So I laughed when I discovered the blogger at Little Black Blog has gotten herself into a heap of trouble for making a rather controversial post about a prank she pulled on a guy who blew her off after two dates.

She actually called into The Bert Show to explain her side of the story. It seems this guy had asked to become exclusive two days before and she rejected him. Then suddenly he was breaking up with her via text message right before her birthday.

Why is she so shocked by this? Hello!? It's Psychology 101! The guy is clearly saving face by making it seem like he is rejecting her and not the other way around. How she doesn't realize this is beyond me.

As for whether or not it was proper etiquette to break up via text message, I will let you decide. Because even though that part is getting a lot of discussion, it's not why the blogger is seeing such an internet backlash.

It's because of how she reacted to the text break up. She told him off and then proceeded to tell him that she sent his boss screenshots of his sexting messages. On the radio she explained that she never actually sent his boss any screenshots and that she was using "hyperbole" to make her point.

Then she decided to write about of this in a blog. Unfortunately people haven't exactly reacted positively. The reason The Bert Show was talking about her blog is because people think she handled the entire thing pretty badly. Okay, I'm just trying to be nice. The truth is people are saying she was acting crazy.

I do think she completely overreacted. Joke or not, claiming you sent screenshots of sexting messages to his boss was kind of crazy. Bragging about your two published books and condo makes you look stuck up. The ironic thing is that she's complaining that he views her as a "girl with hysterical emotions" and she is well...acting exactly like a girl with hysterical emotions! It is what it is. I'm not going to lie and say her reaction was that of an adult. Neither party behaved like adults.

As someone who also blogs about relationships there is a big lesson to be learned here. This is a cautionary tale. Just because you think something is "a funny story and something people could relate to" (as she said on the radio) doesn't mean it is. Be very cautious about what you blog about because it may end up making you look crazy and vindictive. Then no one will date you for fear of ending up in another post on your blog.

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